Creating Notifications Creating Notifications

Creating Notifications

Customize your user notification settings within MyCourses. This is how you add your contact info to receive notifications and select notification preferences. 

Add your Contact Info to Receive Notifications

  1. Click on your name on the minibar

  2. Click on Notifications from the drop-down


     notifications highlighted under profile.png
  3. Under Contact Methods, you will register an email address and/or a mobile number. (NOTE: these fields must be completed to receive notifications based on your preferences.


    notifications_contact methods.png

Summary Email:

You can set to have a summary email sent to you with all notifications from that time frame:

Instant Notifications by Activity

You can choose to have SMS or Email notifications per activity. Make any adjustments under this area:

Other Settings

You can choose to customize how you receive notifications and set up future course notifications:


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