The Student Tools widget can be found on the homepage of each of your courses in MyCourses. This is where you will be able to review your Midterm Progress once issued. There are various helpful tabs on this dashboard for you. 


  1. Click Course Home on the Navbar in the course

  2. Wait for a few seconds, Student Tools will load below the announcements banner on this page

  3. The Student Tools widget will display
  4. This widget provides quick access to several useful tools in your course.

    • Midterm Progress - click to display the overall midterm grade your professor has issued you. This tab will only display if you have been provided with a Midterm Progress report
    • Grades - Click to display your current overall grade in the course. As well as view feedback from your professor. 
    • Your Faculty & Advisor - Click to view your faculty's profile page and find out who your Advisor is.
    • Create Profile- Click to create and customize your profile. You will be prompted to take a Readiness Survey. This will allow your faculty to get an understanding of your strengths and weakness when it comes to; Study skills, Technology, Ready to Learn, Motivation, Time Management, and Support and Space. 
      • NOTE: This button will change to View Profile once you have created your profile.

    • Library and Tutoring - This allows students access various library and tutoring resources including online and in - person tutoring activities
    • Titan Cares - Click here for community resources and other student support tools
    • Email Faculty - Click to quickly email your faculty
    • Get Text - Opt-in to receive text messages directly from your professor.  Note:  You will only see this table if you have previously opted out.  

 Have Questions? Contact the SPC Technical Support Center at or call 727-341-HELP (727-341-4357) (Mon.- Sun. 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. Eastern). Chat: Live Chat with Support

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