Incomplete Grade Process for Students Incomplete Grade Process for Students

Incomplete Grade Process for Students

We understand that life events, natural disasters, and other confounding factors can get in the way of completing a course. We have a process that your instructor can undergo to give you an Incomplete final grade for that course.

When granted an Incomplete, an "I" will appear on your transcript once the course ends. Your grade will then be updated to your final letter grade after the incomplete extension timeframe has passed.
It is very important to communicate with your professor if you are facing an issue that will prevent you from completing a course. If you have completed 50% or more of the coursework and are currently earning an overall calculated grade of a C or higher, you may qualify for an Incomplete.


  1. As soon as possible during the semester, reach out to your professor if you feel you are unable to complete the course and need an extension. This does not guarantee you will qualify for or be issued an Incomplete final grade, but it starts the process.
  2. You and your instructor MUST digitally sign the Incomplete Request Form at least 1 week before the last day of the course.
  3. Your Professor must complete the form before you sign it, but you can send them the form to get the ball rolling by copying and pasting this link into your email:
  4. In this form, your professor will provide a date by which you must complete all outstanding coursework, and outline the assignments you have left to complete. Here is a screenshot of the information that your professor will provide when completing the Incomplete request form:

  5. Once your professor fills in this information and adds their signature they will enter your name and SPC email, and the form will be sent to your SPC email for you to sign. Here is what the email will look like:

  6. Click the blue Review and Sign button in the email

  7. The Incomplete Request Form will open in your internet browser, click Continue to accept the terms and conditions, and access the form:

  8. Look for the yellow START arrow, and click it to be taken to the student signature area:

  9. Click anywhere in the yellow box that says Click here to sign:

  10. Your signature will automatically populate, click Apply:
  11. Click the blue Click to Sign button:

  12. You will know you completed the form when you see the You're all set message:
  13. From here, you can download a copy of the form by clicking the link on this page if you wish. You can close the webpage.
  14. You and your instructor will receive an email confirmation that you have completed the Incomplete Request form, you will be able to open it at any time from this email. Here is what it will look like:

Process for Completing Coursework When Issued an Incomplete 

  1. Your instructor will submit a final grade of I in MyCourses, and then change your role in the course from "Student" to "Student - Incomplete" once the class ends. This allows you access to the course after the end date.
  2. Enter the course in your MyCourses account like any normal course. If you do not see the assignments/dropboxes reach out to your professor to make sure any prior dates have been removed or special access has been granted.
  3. You will have until the date you and your instructor agreed on to complete outstanding assignments. use the Incomplete Request Form document to make sure you complete all the assignments listed. NOTE: Your instructor must submit an updated grade to the system by the end of the next fall or spring semester after being granted the Incomplete.
  4. Once you have finished all outstanding assignments, reach out to your professor to let them know you have done your part.
  5. Your professor will grade the coursework you completed and then submit a Change of Grade form with your updated final letter grade
  6. Your professor will remove your access to the course
IMPORTANT: If you fail to complete outstanding assignments before the agreed-upon date, your professor will update your final grade to the letter grade that you held when taking the incomplete. This may result in a failing final grade. 

 Have Questions? Contact the SPC Technical Support Center at or call 727-341-HELP (727-341-4357) (Mon.- Sun. 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. Eastern). Chat: Live Chat with Support

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