First Day Textbook Program First Day Textbook Program

First Day Textbook Program


First Day is a partnership between SPC, Barnes & Noble, and the Publishers to bring course materials to students on the first day of class through MyCourses at a discounted rate. Click here for more information.

What is First Day Access: Textbook Savings Program?

If your course is participating in the First Day Access Program you will be given access to the course materials through MyCourses. You will receive instant access to the required materials and save 20-50% or more off the retail price. You have the option to opt out of the program within the first 10 days of class if you want to purchase your materials elsewhere. Opting out of the program is likely to cause you to pay a higher rate. The Opt-out date is 10 days from the first day of class.

The materials that are accessed through MyCourses are NOT included in your tuition. If you do not click on the button to opt out, you agree to pay the discounted fee and SPC will bill your student account at the First Day price after the opt-out deadline passes-approximately 2 weeks after your class starts. This will show as a bookstore charge. Please check your student account. If you have BLOC or are a 3rd Party vendor then the charges will be covered *exceptions do apply, if you are self-pay, please make those payments to the business office.

Refund Policy

If you drop a class within the drop deadline for your course, the refund policy will be the same as the school’s “drop w/refund policy”. If you withdraw after the drop deadline (see your schedule for dates), then you will be responsible for those charges on your account (e.g. If you receive a “W” you will not be eligible for a refund).

Should you choose to purchase the required materials out of pocket you MUST opt out to avoid being charged. If you do not opt-out by the deadline, which is 10 days from the start of class, then you must request to be opted out and proof of purchase must be submitted to to prevent First Day Fees being assessed to your account.

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