Proctored Exam Expectations Proctored Exam Expectations

Proctored Exam Expectations

By taking an SPC Online Proctored assignment or exam, you agree to comply with the St. Petersburg College Code of Conduct, which expressly prohibits Academic Dishonesty. Academic Dishonesty includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Copying from another student's test or allowing another student to copy from a test

  • Plagiarizing, that is the taking and passing off as one's own the ideas, writings, or work of another, without citing the sources

  • Submitting work from another course unless permitted by the instructor

  • Using unauthorized materials during a test, such as the course textbook, notebook, formula lists, notes or crib sheets, including those stored in a calculator.

  • Stealing examinations or course materials

  • Falsifying records

  • Assisting anyone to do any of the above

If you need any assistance with testing arrangements or have questions, please contact the Online Learning and Services office at

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