Sending Email via the Classlist Sending Email via the Classlist

Sending Email via the Classlist

You can send email to anyone on the course Classlist. Here is how you can send an email to anyone in your address book. 


  1. Enter the course for which you would like to view the Classlist

  2. Click on the Communicate menu and then click Classlist from the drop-down
    communicate_classlist highlighted_image.png

  3. To send the Email - Click on the name of the individual you would like to email on the Classlist (for example your instructor)
    individual highlighted example.png

  4. The Compose New Message window will appear

  5. You can add additional recipients to your message using the Address Book button

  6. Enter a Subject and Message into your email

  7. Click Send
    send button highlighted.png
  8. You will return to the Classlist once your message successfully sends

 Have Questions? Contact the SPC Technical Support Center at or call 727-341-HELP (727-341-4357) (Mon.- Sun. 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. Eastern). Chat: Live Chat with Support

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