You can find your course Dropboxes within a module on the table of contents. You may see a due date, start date, and/or end date listed. The steps below outline the process of uploading a document to a dropbox folder and submit.  


  1. Click on Course Content

  2. Locate the dropbox within the module, you may need to scroll through the topics in the module to find the dropbox. You will know it is a dropbox by the word "Assignment" under the title.

  3. Click on the blue title for the dropbox
  4. Once you click this blue title, scroll down below the instructions until you see the attachment area.  If you cannot find it, you may see a link to the dropbox submission page. Here is the button you are looking for: 
  5. Click Upload and then follow the steps to upload a file from your computer

  6. Once you attach your document, you still need to submit it by clicking the blue submit button


 Have Questions? Contact the SPC Technical Support Center at or call 727-341-HELP (727-341-4357) (Mon.- Sun. 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. Eastern). Chat: Live Chat with Support

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