How to be a Successful Online Student How to be a Successful Online Student

How to be a Successful Online Student

While these tips were written for online students, they are just a applicable in the face-to-face classroom environment.  These seven steps can help you be a successful online student:

  1. Log into your class on the first day of the semester and several times a week throughout the term.

  2. Read your course syllabus so that you are familiar with the course requirements.

  3. Review course content and add assignment due dates to your personal calendar.

  4. Watch for news, posts, emails, and other communications from your professor throughout the semester.

  5. Submit work on time (per the assignment due dates).

  6. Email your instructor immediately if you have trouble or questions on an assignment OR if you are afraid you won’t meet a deadline.

  7. Check your grades regularly to know where you stand, but also read the feedback from your professor to help you improve.

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