Personal Discussion Settings Personal Discussion Settings

Personal Discussion Settings

You can change your personal settings on how to view a discussion and whether you want to include the original post in a reply or not.


  1. Click on Submission Review

  2. Click on Discussions

  3. Click on blue settings gear icon (top right)

  1. Always show the Discussions List Pane:  Selecting this option will pin the discussions list pane in the view topic and view thread pages.

  2. Grid View vs Reading view
    1. Grid view will display the discussion posts in the traditional grid view, with post subjects displaying in a grid.
    2. Reading view will display posts in Reading View, where the entire text of a post displays for all posts.

  3. Include original post in reply will include the original post and your reply

  4. When creating a new thread, subscribe to the thread by default, you will receive notifications on your post when someone replies to you

  5. Default Threading Style, the default threading style used when accessing topics

  6. Display Settings:
    1. Show the Preview Pane- Selecting this option displays the lower Preview pane in the Grid View. If this option is not selected, clicking on a post in the Grid View will open the post in a pop-up window.
    2. Show the Search Bar - Selecting this option displays the Search fields in the Grid View.

  7. Post Fields to Display - Post ID, Selecting this option displays the Post ID for posts in the Grid View

  8. Character limits -Limits the number of characters of the subject to display

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