Track Your Progress in Course Content Track Your Progress in Course Content

Track Your Progress in Course Content

You can track your course progress in the Course Content area using a number of tracking indicators available to you. 


  1. Click on Course Content

  2. Click on a module under Table of Contents


    table of contents sections highlighted.png

A. Progress Bar - this feature shows your progress in the module in terms of items completed out of items available to you

B. Module Items Indicator - this number indicates the number of items in a module

C. Item Completion Indicator

- A checkmark indicates that the item has been completed

- A checkbox indicates that you can manually check the item off as you complete it

- A blank indicates that the item is not required but may provide additional resources to help you understand the content

- A circle indicates that the item has not yet been completed

Some items, like pages or PDF files will be marked as completed when you click and read them. Others, like dropboxes, quizzes, and discussions, will not be marked as completed until you submit one or more attempts.

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