How to Customize your Titan Hub Dashboard How to Customize your Titan Hub Dashboard

How to Customize your Titan Hub Dashboard

Are you looking to optimize your experience with Titan Hub, the powerful platform that brings all your essential information and tools together in one place? Our guide on customizing your Titan Hub dashboard will walk you through the steps to tailor your dashboard to your specific needs and preferences.

Resize Widgets:

  • Tailor the size of your widget to achieve the appearance you want on your dashboard.
  • Note: This feature may not be compatible with custom widgets.

Widget Folders:

  • Organize widgets in folders to best suit your preferences. Want all of your academic widgets in one place to easily track your academic progress? Place them all in the same folder!

    How to Add Widget Folders to Titan Hub Image

Reorder Folders/Widgets:

  • Drag-and-drop widgets or folders anywhere on the Dashboard for ultimate organization!

Add/Remove Widgets:

  • Add widgets to your dashboard to help you customize and organize the information or tools you use frequently or remove widgets to declutter the interface.
  • NOTE: Certain widgets cannot be deleted because they are required.

    How to Add Widgets:

    How to Remove Widgets:


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