You can read and reply to discussion threads in the Notifications icon (iOS) Notifications tab. This increases awareness of course activity and engagement in learning activities with other learners. 

In MyCourses, you must first subscribe to a topic or thread for a course you are enrolled in. You cannot manage subscriptions for discussion within the Pulse App. .

Read and Reply to Discussion Posts:

  • A link is provided for viewing the original post, with original formatting, in a web browser.

  • Formatting is simplified for consistency - bold, italics, underline, strike-through, subscript, superscript, and HTML lists are supported. However, font face, color, size, images, and other embedded objects are unsupported.

  • Web links (URLs) can be followed.

  • Unlike Brightspace Learning Environment, the learner can only reply to the original post, not a specific post in the discussion thread.

  • There are no formatting options when replying.

Read and Reply to Discussion Threads: 

  1. Tap the Notifications icon (iOS) Notifications tab. A red dot displays on the Subscriptions sub-tab.

  2. Tap the Subscriptions sub-tab. A list of discussion threads displays. The list is sorted with the discussion threads that have the most recent activity at the top, and any discussion threads that have new activity since you last checked are highlighted to indicate an unread state.

  3. Tap the thread containing the activity. A list of posts displays.

  4. Reply to the thread

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